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Your Side-Hustle: Weird Jobs To Make Extra Cash

Weird Jobs For Extra Money

What would you do for money? That’s hard to pinpoint right? I know what I wouldn’t do for money. Today’s job market has vastly changed. More than ever people have the entrepreneurial spirit and I think a big part of this thinking is due to the economic changes we have seen in recent years. The truth is you sometimes have to get creative and think outside the box to make ends meet.

weird jobs to make extra cash

This is especially true for those, like me, working from home. We can’t just do one job, usually, work from home people are doing many little jobs. So while getting my caffeine fix I thought, what are the weirdest jobs online? Strangely I found more than I expected to. Of course, if you browse sites like Craigslist you will see tons of people offering the most bizarre services and in my research, I found that isn’t as farfetched as you might think.

Rent A Friend

Yes, people are renting friends! This is purely on the up and up. Not a dating site. You set up a profile listing the things you like to do and your interests along with what you would charge and people contact you. Sure it;s an unusual way to make friends.

When I first looked at this I was like really? But think about moving to a new place and not knowing people but not wanting to go alone, it makes strange sense. The site creates the rental agreement and you get to do cool stuff.

weird jobs to make extra cash


This is awesome! You are essentially making a pact to get healthy. You make a pact with your goals and download the app, you can get paid when you achieve them but if you don’t you will have to pay so think seriously before taking this on.

Cyber Beg

Oh yeah, it’s exactly as it sounds. This site is really dedicated to helping people who need money. You ask for money and people donate to you.

weird jobs to make extra money

Cuddle Comfort

I saw a video about this along with millions of other people and I thought it was a joke but it turns out you can make money for cuddling.

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Bridesmaid For Hire

Always the bridesmaid? Get paid for it! Jen Glantz advertised on Craigslist and turned it into a business and a book deal! She has made upwards of 2k to be a professional bridesmaid and you can too.


As we become more aware of the value of Upcycling and eco-friendly people are looking to rent and swap services and products more and more. You can rent anything on this site and I mean anything. I saw one person renting a rabbit.

Rent A Mourner

I found this one to be especially odd. You can get paid to attend funerals and be a professional mourner. This company is in England and yes people want to fill seats even at a funeral.

weird jobs to make extra money

Same Ole Line Dudes

People hate waiting in line, I hate it too. There is nothing worse than waiting. Well at this site people get paid to wait in line. Everything is done through phone and text. So amazing right?


Finally, there’s E-jury you can get paid to participate in mock trials. Lawyers use this service to test their cases and you review the facts, answer questions and submit a verdict. It’s all done online.

8 wierd jobs to make extra money

8 wierd jobs to make extra money

See anything that caught your interest? These weird jobs may seem outlandish or even crazy but the lesson is we have to create our own opportunities! What are some weird jobs you have had?

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Viktoriya and Oksana

Wow, some of these are so strange and unique! Loanables sounds like a great idea.

Sarah Hughes

That gym one seems like something that will either work or make you very very poor! Maybe the sort of motivation some people need though.


Well, those are definitely odd jobs I’ve never heard of! Nice article!


Haha this was an interesting post to read! The only one I would try is the Gym Pact ! I’m checking it out but it sounds too good to be true….we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for sharing!


I would be available as a bridesmaid 🙂 What a great job is that!! I bet, you get nice food and stuff AT WORK.

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