Unique Ways To Keep Your Workforce Happy & Productive

How To Keep Your Workforce Happy

How To Keep Your Workforce Happy

Every business owner knows how good it feels when things are going your way. You’re generating fresh business; your customers are coming back for more, the whole team is functioning like a well-oiled clock. You want to keep that feeling and that level of productivity, but how? The well-worn saying of “a happy workforce, is a productive workforce” has some definite truth. So how do you keep your team ticking over smoothly? Simple: Follow these steps and you too will have a workforce practically whistling as they work.


Give Them Some Downtime

It’s so easy to burn out, especially when you’re sat at a desk all day. Giving your employees somewhere to relax for a few minutes during the day is a great way to keep them fresh and focused. Many offices have a pool table or even games console so they can relax on their breaks and give themselves something else on which to focus. Investing in a quality coffee machine like the ones offered at canteen.com can cut down on lengthy trips to Starbucks for decent coffee, and keep everyone happy that they can still get their caffeine fix.

Some employers even go so far as to offer a beer fridge. Doing so shows your staff that you trust them to be responsible, and it also allows for a chance for everyone to bond over a beer at the close of business on Friday.

Keep Them Healthy

Knowing that they are cared for and looked after can help keep your workforce happy. When staff has to call in sick, let them take the day to recuperate instead of pressuring them to come in. No one feels great about struggling in to work with the flu, and no-one wants to risk catching it off the martyr who pretends that they’re fine when they’re not. Companies like simplyinsured.com make it easy to set up a health plan for your employees, just in case, it is something more serious. Having an understanding and fair sick policy goes a long way towards reassuring your staff and keeping them looking forward to Monday mornings, instead of dreading them.

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Consider Redecorating

Businesses are moving away from the ‘corporate feel’ more and more. The idea is to make work feel a little more like home, so that come 5 o’clock, workforce isn’t bolting for the door like it’s their last ever day of school. Warm and soothing color schemes, comfy seating areas, and recreational activities (as mentioned earlier) all help to create a more relaxed atmosphere that actually aids creativity and productivity.

Think about it, would you rather work in a prison cell or on the beach? That doesn’t mean you have to start building an indoor sandpit, but it does mean that you should think about ensuring that your workforce environment is as inviting as possible.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a little something to consider when it comes to keeping your workforce happy at work. You don’t have to go overboard with everything and turn the office into a playground, but a few small changes will make a world of difference.

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