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One thing I often hear people say they need is Time Management skills. Since we are all very busy especially if we have young children and are working the idea of managing our time effectively seems impossible and stressful. I am here to help you! Are you a procrastinator? There is help for you and it’s not as hard as you think.

As an Introvert, I am a born planner but I, like so many of you used to exist in a chaotic bubble. I even think when I was younger I thrived on it. What it does is stress you out and you wind up getting nothing done at all and it’s completely unnecessary.


Step One: The Right Mindset

Before I even get to the tips you have to get your head in the game. Realize first that time is currency. You have to decide to not just try Time Management but make a commitment. It is a lifestyle change and for many a difficult prospect because discipline is essential.



Time For Everything

Incorporate scheduling into everything you do. Before you say you can’t do this, remember everyone else is! Schools and Jobs have schedules. It makes life simpler to know when you are doing things and the time frame involved. I schedule everything, even naps. I am always careful to leave openings with enough time should life interfere in some way. Be sure to sign up for the free Monthly Planner!



The 3 Goals A Day Philosophy

I have read lots about productivity because it is the key ingredient to being successful in whatever you do. When I read about “3 Goals A Day” it changed my life. At first, I was nodding my head like you probably are right now. Maybe you’re thinking you have a million things to do not just 3.

We all have tons heaped on our plates, that’s for sure but do you find that you aren’t getting much done? This is because it sends our brains into overload. The 3 goals a day philosophy is this, You give yourself 3 things a day you absolutely must achieve. You write them down and check them off when you have finished them. Some days you won’t achieve more than those three things and other times you’ll have time to achieve more without beating yourself up for failure. This method has always helped me to stay focused. I have included a free download for a 3 Goals A day Checklist.


Become A List Maker

I freely admit I might go overboard on the lists. Let’s just say I make a list for everything. Making lists are a great way to keep yourself on track. I am Old School in that paper lists work best for me. Honestly, I have tried the apps but for me, I forget about them and where my phone is half the time. I like a paper list because the act of writing it out myself plants the seeds in my brain. Not only that, having it stare up at me is the best reminder I can imagine. You have to do what’s right for you of course.



Finally, the key to being successfully organized and motivated is knowing when not to be. Take breaks where you do nothing. Have a free, unscheduled day every week because we all need balance in our lives!



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Divya @ Eat Teach Blog

I’m definitely a list maker but I need to be better about putting my to-do list ON my calendar. Gretchen Rubin’s motto: “If it’s something you can do at ANY time, it will be done at NO time.” If I don’t schedule time to do it, I will likely not get it done!


I have lived on a scheduled time plan for many years now, everything runs so much more organized thanks for sharing some more tips
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Christine Tatum

Time is money is absolutely correct!! I have to make lists or I absolutely forget to do things.

Jennifer Kelly

These are amazing tips!! I really should be following tips like this but my ADHD makes it near impossible to stick to. I am great at making lists, just horrible at sticking to them.

Divya @ Eat Teach Blog

I need to be better about sticking to a schedule. I make lists but, often times, they just sit there not being done because I don’t put them ON my calendar. I think you’ve given me inspiration to start doing this again!

Roy Miller

I am definitely a list maker! I get more done with a list. I also am a time blocker. I set blocks of time for projects and time them. I do not allow any distractions during the allotted times. I also schedule a 15 minute break between time blocks.


I absolutely agree with everything you mention in this post! I have gotten into the habit of making lists and it helps me immensely to stay on track… the days I am not making lists I know I am slacking haha but feeling overwhelmed is the only side effect of list making and having 3 goals a day sounds like the perfect way to deal with that!! Thank you for the post!


I make lists all the time…my problem is sticking to my to-do lists and keeping everything organized. Stuff I need to work on. XD Thanks for sharing this!


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