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How To Survive A Employment Gap

employment gap

employment gap

What Is An Employment Gap?

Employment gaps are never pleasant. When you have rent, bills, and a family, surviving for even a short time without money can be a tremendous strain.

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But, despite our best efforts, gaps happen. Life is unpredictable, and none of us know what’s around the corner. The good news is, you don’t need a huge savings fund behind you to get through those much-dreaded employment gaps. We’re going to look at the most common reasons for gaps, and ways you can work around them.



When many of us think employment gap, we think illness. Illness or injury can have a significant impact in more ways than you could imagine. Not only do you have your physical health to deal with, but you also have to face the fact that you’ll be unable to work.

employment gap


Despite what many people think, illness isn’t the worst career gap you could face. The majority of employers have no choice but to pay for at least six months, as long as you provide sick notes. If the illness goes on for longer than that, you may run into problems.


The good news is, there are other ways to keep money coming in. It’s not something many of us like to consider, but if someone was responsible for your accident, it might be worth contacting a personal injury attorney. They’ll be able to look at your case and gain any compensation you’re owed. The good news is that money you lose from not working is taken into account here. It seems like a cold way to look at an accident, but it could be the only way to support yourself financially.


What could be worse than a career gap with no end in sight? Unemployment is horrible. It may be that you lost a job, or that the company you were working for crumpled. Whatever the reason, no one embraces unemployment. It can cause enormous strain and a lot of stress.


The good news is, there are small money makers you could use while between jobs. You could sell things you don’t need anymore, or make something to sell. You could even delve into the world of blogging. Of course, it’s best to get a job as soon as possible. Sign up for resume writing classes and the like. And, make sure to apply as much as possible! Those small money makers may not see you through for long.


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Family problems are another terrible cause for career gaps. Worse, they can go on for an undetermined time. It may be that you’re caring for elderly parents or an injured family member. Juggling this and working at the same time can be next to impossible. Something has to give. The good news is, you may not need to take a full career break to make this work. Instead of kissing goodbye to money, talk to your employer. You may find that they can change your hours, or reduce your shifts to fit your situation.

A employment gap can be so defeating but there is plenty you can do to survive it!

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