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Summer’s Coming! Fun Staycation Ideas To Fit Every Budget


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Staycation Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

The weather’s getting warmer and that makes us antsy to get outta dodge, right? I’m with ya! I have always lived super close to a beach until now so that always makes me want to travel. But the money isn’t always there and neither is the time! Why not follow the staycation trend? There are plenty of things you can do from home or close to it that don’t cost a lot. Here are some brilliant ideas I’m gonna try and maybe you want to as well:


Around The House

We are so busy, aren’t we? So much falls through the cracks because we are exhausted. It would be fabulous if we had the money to pay for upgrades to our home and talk about easy but the truth is there is a special satisfaction to making improvements and enjoying DIY projects ourselves.




Upcycling is so hot right now so why not make a list of things you want to work on. Get the whole family together and repaint. Go through items about the house that are showing signs of age and make them new and different. Last summer I got the grandkids together and we made tie-dye shirts together. It was so much fun! It is the perfect time to spruce up your house and get involved in crafty endeavors you don’t usually have time for.


Get Together

Going out is great but what’s even better is getting your favorite people together for a party at home and the great thing is it doesn’t have to cost all that much. Are there friends you haven’t seen in a while or family? Invite them over, you can even make it a potluck event where everyone has to bring something.


Catch Up

Remember the simple joy of reading a book or watching a movie? Working 8 to ten hours a day then coming home and dealing with kids, homework, housework, dinner more often than not doesn’t allow for the simple pleasures like a list of books you wanna read or Netflix bingeing. If you haven’t Netflix binged till your cross eyed you don’t know what your missing!



Get Away For A Day

Just because money is tight doesn’t mean you can’t get away at all, you just have to downsize it. I love a day trip and there are so many options. Do you live near a city? A Park? Why not just go for the day and treat yourself to an overnight stay. Hotels can get pricey that’s for sure but another budget-friendly option is Airbnb. I love this idea, people actually rent out their apartments and houses for short-term periods of time.

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Let someone else take the wheel! Have you ever taken a bus tour? Many times these tours will have deals for wherever you want to go. I used to travel to New Jersey a lot to see family and there was always a bus tour offering lower prices and even discounts on things like casinos, it’s a great idea and very relaxing.

Camping out is also super fun and cheaper than hotels. Even if you don’t have all the equipment like tents and things, most Campgrounds have cabins and there’s nothing like communing with nature.

See The Sites

I have lived in Atlanta for over a year and there are still so many attractions I have yet to see. Your vacation or staycation is the perfect opportunity to do things you don’t normally do that are right in your neighborhood. Be a tourist! Map out a plan of all the places you usually don’t have time to visit and do that.

Museums and Zoos are always offering a free day, not only that there are plenty that is always free and we just don’t know it.

Shopping On A Shoestring

Shopping is another thing that can be time-consuming and we will usually just put it off. Even without a lot of money, you can get new things. Summer is the hot time for Yard Sales. People get rid of good stuff all the time. I used to do this every Saturday in the summer. I would have a whole route of yard sales to check out. People want to get rid of it so the prices are always insanely reasonable.

I love Thrift Stores! Just like yard sales, you can find great deals at yard sales and usually, they are for a good cause which is even better. I was surprised to find out there were so many Online Thrift Stores. Thrifting and bartering are super popular now.

Fun and budget-friendly staycation ideas

Fun and budget-friendly staycation ideasFun and budget-friendly staycation ideas

More than anything vacation is about relaxing and enjoying time off which doesn’t always mean expensive. Staycations can be fun and save you money! What did you do on your staycation?

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I love staycations! One of my fave things to do is to upcycle as well:) Very therapeutic.


These are great ideas. I plan to visit more places around our area. We have lived here for about 3 years and I want to explore a little more.

I do a lot of staycations. I get more days off work than my husband as I only need to work when I am teaching 🙂 So my ideal staycation is out in the yard gardening if it is a nice day. However, my husband and I do a lot of one day excursions. We are both in our fifties (me a newbie fifty) – but we do get in the car and just drive to random destinations for a day pretending to be explorers. You are never too old to play explorers – but the only thing is I… Read more »
Mary Burris

I’m at that age where I really enjoy just staying home and doing practically nothing. Put on a good Netflix marathon, close the blinds and just kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Anna nuttall

What I think would be a cool staycation – glamping. I would love to do that one day. These are very nice tips. xx


I am looking forward to doing the yard sale rounds this year,seeing if I can find some decent bargains. I am going to be a professional staycationer,don’t really have the money to do anywhere.

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