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The In’s And Out’s Of Making Money With Sponsored Posts

How To Make Money Blogging With Sponsored Posts

Want to make money blogging? Sponsored posts is another vehicle for making money with your blog. I see this question often and it is something most bloggers do at one time or another. A sponsored post is essentially a blog post promoting products or companies.

It is a great way to monetize. I do sponsored work and love it but I wish I had guidance in the beginning and that is why I’m writing this post. Read on to find out how to navigate the world of sponsored work.


There are a few different ways of making money with sponsored work:

  • Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Sponsored Social Posts

Getting Started

Before you get started there are a few things you have to do:

Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority is complicated but basically, it is a measure of the importance of your website. There is a number given between 1-100. Many variables go into how they determine your number. There is the age of your site. The quality of your content and your links.

There are ways to improve your Da number. You should have a link structure in your posts that include internal links which are links to other pages on your website. You should always link to authority sites as well. Authority sites are top sites. Search something and look at the top sites in the search. Always make sure you have quality links.


sponsored posts

Domain Authority is what brands and Seo Agencies are looking at and it will determine what you make. Here is a tool where you can check your number:

Check your domain number with Moz


Backlinks also greatly affect your DA. I always comment on blogs that have comment Luv for this very reason. You might even try link exchanges with other bloggers. You add their link to your site and they do the same.

Want to make money blogging? Here is a guide to Sponsored Posts

Your Social Reach

If you are looking to partner with brands, you need a good social reach. Makes sense right? They want eyes on what they are promoting. Do all you can to raise your follower counts. I know some who think it isn’t important but once again you want to give them a reason to partner with you.

sponsored posts

Put Out What You Want To Get Back

Often brands and advertisers will find you based on your topics and links. If you want to get paid for reviews you should be doing reviews. Do reviews on your favorite products or services.

Know Your Worth

One thing I’d wish I would have known earlier was how much a sponsored post is worth. There really is no guideline. Some say $40 is the market value but once again that depends on your numbers. If you have a DA number lower than 20 I wouldn’t expect more than $10 dollars and is that really worth your time? You have to keep in mind that it sits on your blog for the life of your site not to mention the marketing involved. Set your price ahead of time.

Very often there will be the offer of exchanging free goods for your work and many bloggers believe this is working for free. It may be but you have to decide if that is worth it for you.


Guest Posts And Content Placement

There are oodles of Freelancers out there who will offer you free content for your blog. They are making money with the links in their posts. I will only take guest posts from fellow bloggers and only allow one link otherwise they will be charged a fee so don’t be fooled by this tactic.

Content Placement is usually provided by Seo Agencies where they provide posts to place on your site under your name.

Want to make money blogging? Here is a guide to Sponsored Posts

Maintain Integrity

One tip I think is important is to always maintain the integrity of your blog. Making money is great but making sure it is relevant to your blog is essential, you don’t want to lose your readers. Posting about something that has nothing to do with your topics will only hurt your credibility.

How To Find Opportunities

So now you know what you have to do to get ready but how do you find sponsored work? There are a few ways:

Join Networks

There are networks you can join to find paid opportunities, here are a few I like:

The Direct Approach

Of course, you always want to recommend or promote products and companies you believe in. Try emailing them directly. Gary from Skipah’s Realm who also does sponsor work says” the worst that could happen is they say no” and I couldn’t agree more.

Sponsored posts are one more way to make money in your blogging journey. I hope these tips help!

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