Super Simple Tricks To Save Money Around The House

save money

save money

Easy Ways To Save Money Around The House

We are all looking for ways that we can shave a little off the cost of our homes, here and there. The mounting bills and constant upkeep of our homes can sometimes feel relentless and overwhelming so today we are sharing our super simple home saving tricks to help you free up more cash to spend on the things you really want to.



Seasonal Purchases


We are all aware of the inevitable purchases that we have to make at certain times of the year, but just changing the order in which we buy these items can save us some serious pennies. Buying Christmas trees, cards, wrapping paper and decorations in January and February, when the shops are trying to get rid of them at rock bottom prices, not only means that we save a significant amount of money it also means that we can avoid the Christmas crowds when the time comes to get ready for the Christmas festivities.


Similarly, outdoor furniture and BBQ sets, for example, are usually much cheaper in the colder months as no one is really that interested in investing in them at that time of year. So think about the items that you know you are going to need to buy and then just get to them before anyone else thinks too and when the shops are offering them at reduced prices.


Eyes Peeled For Coupons


Keeping your eyes peeled for money saving coupons and promotions is a great way to continually buy essential items at reduced prices. Newspapers and magazines are a great place to get the latest coupon offerings so make sure you keep your eyes open for any great deals that may be necessary for your home


Coin Jar

Putting all your spare change into a jar is a little trick to give yourself a little cash injection at the end of the year. Putting your spare change into a large jar, on a daily or weekly basis, can allow you to rack up a surprising amount of spare cash. Keep throwing in the change and enjoy anything from 150-500 at the end of the year. Perfect timing for those January sales.


Use Loyalty Cards


Using loyalty cards at your local supermarket is a great way to make sure you make your money go further on your weekly groceries. It’s all too tempting to constantly want to run out of the supermarket when asked if we have a spare 5 minutes to fill out a form to apply for their store’s loyalty card. However, those couple of minutes can save you a substantial amount of money on your annual shopping budget so it’s well worth doing.


Create Your Own Herb Garden


Creating your own little herb garden is a wonderful way of saving money on your weekly groceries. Seeds for herbs such as coriander, rosemary, and basil are mere pennies and can provide you and your family with all the seasoning and garnish you need week after week. They are the herbs that just keep on giving.


You could even take this one step further and start growing your own fruit and vegetables. Not only will your own vegetable patch saving you substantial money avoiding the increasingly expensive organic vegetable aisle in your supermarket, it is also a lovely, relaxing hobby that can prove to be very therapeutic and rewarding.


Cozy up to Cloth


Losing the paper napkin and instead using cloth means that you don’t need to shell out for in replacements week in, week out. Cloth napkins not only look much prettier on the dinner table they also provide a staple dining accessory that saves you money in the long run. With so many pretty patterns and designs out there, jump online and see which ones would best suit the decor of your dining room or kitchen.

Cheap Pampering Tricks


We all need to treat and pamper ourselves from time to time but regular spas and masseuses can really make a dent in our monthly outgoings. So why not look at ways you can pamper yourself at home with indulgent products and even some homemade recipes. There are some incredible face masks and body scrubs that can be made just using the basic materials in your kitchen, so pampering yourself certainly, doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.


Have a look online at some lovely home-made beauty products, light a couple of candles, put on some relaxing music, pour yourself a hot bath and a nice glass of red. And hey presto, you have your very own home spa experience.


Keep In the Heat


From something as simple as keeping doors closed we can significantly reduce the amount of heat we need to warm up our homes. By leaving doors open the heat from our radiators naturally dissipates faster and makes our homes much more expensive to heat.


Also make sure that the radiators in the parts of your home, that are not being used, are turned off. Heating the children’s rooms, when they are at University, or your utility room, where you never spend more than two minutes at a time, is a waste of energy and is adding unnecessary pounds to your bills.


Direct Debit


Paying direct debit for your regular outgoings can also help you to save money in your day to day life. Direct debits ensure that your outgoings are automatic so you don’t need to be constantly reminding yourself of what you need to pay and when. This can result in late payments and therefore hefty fines and charges for those late fines. So setting up direct debit automatic transactions, where possible, will help the regular payment of bills run more smoothly and will prevent you from shelling out for unnecessary extra costs.

Get Your Sewing Kit Out


Why not get a little handy with the details around your house. It’s really tempting to see old sofas, cushions, and drapes and just want to be done with them and get them replaced. However, we can actually save a lot of money by trying to repair items ourselves. It is also really simple to make pillow covers and curtains so why not try your hand at creating some interesting new textiles around your home.


Hostess With The Mostess


We all look forward to inviting our friends over for a nice slap up a meal from time to time, but these can rack up your annual shopping bills quite substantially. Therefore why don’t you instead try inviting your friends over for brunch? The ingredients for brunches are generally much cheaper than dinner meals and as it’s early in the day you won’t need to worry about forking out for expensive bottles of French wine.


Energy Saving Light


Switching to more energy efficient lighting is a great way to Save money. LED lighting although requires a little investment up front to integrate into your home can save you in your utility bills so this is a great way to shave a little money of your electricity bills. LED bulbs also last much longer than traditional bulbs and are generally cheaper to run. No one knows your home like you do, so just spend a little time looking through your home expenses and exploring the areas where you feel you can cut back a little.

save money


With so many creative and clever tricks available to save money here and there, there is always something that can be done to shave a few pennies off when we need to tighten those purse strings. So play around a little with your budget and think creatively about how to get the best bang for your buck to make your home budget go further.




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