Increase Your Odds of Getting Any Bank Loan

bank loan

Expert Ways To Secure A Bank Loan

There are occasions when even the most financially sound of us may need to take out a loan, perhaps because we want to buy a new home or car and our savings don’t quite stretch far enough for us to pay for them outright. That’s fine -being careful with your spending isn’t about abstaining from financial services completely – it’s about being sensible and only biting off as much as you can safely chew!

If you need a bank loan now, for whatever reason, chances are you’re dreading being turned down by the lender – it’s a feeling we all have when we really need to access credit – but there’s no need to worry as long as you take onboard these simple measures that will Increase Your Odds of Getting Any Loan

Do Your Research

It’s an obvious point, but one that’s so often overlooked that it’s still worth mentioning; if you want to increase your odds of getting a bank loan, you should research all of your options and pick out the companies and products that meet your requirements best, and which you are most likely to be able to handle. These are the loans you’re most likely to be approved for, and you won’t take a hit on your credit score by applying for lots of dead ends.

bank loan

Have Some Savings

If you have your own savings in the bank, this will help you to get bank loans, in particular. If the bank or loan company knows that you’re a sensible individual who saves and who can put down a percentage of the cost of a new home upfront, they are way more likely to give you what you want, even if you haven’t exactly had a perfect record in the past.

Increase the Number of Lenders You Apply To

One of the things most credit experts will tell you is that you should not make lots of loan or credit card applications at the same time because it will impact your credit score negatively. This is almost universally true, except when you’re using companies like Bonsai Finance who put you in touch with not dozens, but hundreds of lenders in a single application. Because they’re connecting you to all of these lenders under one application, only one application is logged on your credit score, despite the fact that many times more companies will see it, so it’s good on that front., Of course, it’s even better in terms of getting accepted because the more people you apply to, the more likely you are to be successful.

Be in Steady Employment

It’s a bummer for those of you who’ve just changed jobs or found yourself out of work, but you are much more likely to get a loan if you are in employment, especially if it is stable employment, and that’s why you should try never to leave a long-standing job just before you might need to apply for a loan. Obviously., we don’t always know when that might be, but if you do think a major purchase is on the cards anytime soon, stay where you are for the time being – it will make a difference.

Repair Your Credit Score

If, after checking your credit score, you find that it isn’t as good as it could be, you need to do everything you can to improve it. This could be as simple as paying all of your bills, loan and credit card repayments on time, or if you have a really chequered financial past, it might mean getting in touch with a credit repair company. Do whatever you need to do, and you can be more confident of securing a loan in the future.

Talk to a Loan Officer

If you’re thinking that you would like to apply for a loan, there is absolutely nothing wrong with calling up and speaking to a loan officer at the company you’re interested in borrowing from. They will be able to give you much more detailed information than you’re likely to find online and they’re usually more than happy to discuss your options with you and point you in the direction of the most suitable loan product for you. They will normally do this completely for free, and it will increase your odds upon application (because you’ll be applying for the right thing), so why not?

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Have the Correct Documentation

When you’re applying for business loans, home loans and even car loans, it is unlikely that you won’t be asked to provide a range of information from your driver’s license to your business plan or your salary information amongst other things. Before starting the process, it’s always a good idea to find out exactly what kind of evidence you will need to provide to be given a loan, that way, there will be no surprises and you’ll be able to access the cash you need when you need it most, without any hitches or delays.

Be Honest

Some people get it into their heads that adding a figure here or neglecting to disclose a little something there is no big deal when they’re applying for a loan – it is. In fact, thee people are committing fraud and could well be prosecuted for it. That is not what you want to happen, so always be honest – you’re more likely to get a loan that way anyway because most financial institutions have pretty great fraud detection teams ready to pounce.

Check Your Application

In a sort of similar vein, you should always, even when you’re applying online – especially when you’re applying online- check your application with a fine tooth comb. It’s so easy to make a genuine error and have your application turned down either because you’ve messed it up or fraud is suspected that it isn’t worth it. Take your time when filling in applications and re-check them as many times as you need to feel comfortable that you’ve got it right.

Although there are never any iron-clad guarantees to getting a bank loan, if you can do all of these things, your chances of getting a loan, and doing so without any fuss, will be much improved.


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