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Overworked And Underpaid? Career Strategies That Work

Career Strategies Employees Need To Know About

Many workplaces have high expectation of their employees, expecting additional things outside of their contracts. This can cause a burden for many, and leaves employees in a position of wanting to find out their rights in the workplace. Others may be too scared to ask what their rights are as they fear repercussions from their employer. Have a look at some of the main areas that employees stress about when it comes to their rights in the workplace and how to change your career strategies for more success.




What Are Your Rights?

Working additional hours and not getting paid is one of the biggest issues when it comes to working. Many employers do pay overtime, and they have an obligation to ensure their employees are paid out any unpaid overtime. If you are concerned about not being paid for any additional hours worked, it is best to speak to your employer first to ensure it is not an oversight.


In the case of it being an oversight, you would be best to speak about your concerns with your manager or boss to ensure it does not happen again. If it was a deliberate motive not to pay you for additional hours, and you can prove this, taking legal action could be another option. Although you may want to avoid this option, it is the best way to get that money back for those extra hours you have worked.



If you are being paid for the overtime, yet you feel as though you are taking on responsibilities that are beyond your duties as an employee, it is always a good idea to read through your contract and see what is stated in the expectations of your role. Some contracts may state that you are required to take on roles outside of your position. If your contract does not specify about extra duties, express your concerns with your boss and see what they do.


They may offer you a pay raise or agree to lessen your workload to ensure you are happy in your role. It can be a tricky conversation to have, but it is worthwhile in the long run as it may ensure you are better looked after. Many employees may push their staff to the limits, expecting more than what is required of them.


Without speaking up this will continue, and you will continue to take on the roles outside of your job expectations, or even qualifications. Although at times the extra duties you take on can be useful for your future career progression, it is best to clarify rather than being used. When you speak up about your concerns, more often than not your employee will respect you more for not being a pushover.


Overworked And Underpaid? Career Strategies That Work

If you are concerned about working excess hours without getting any credit for the work you have done, it is always best to speak to your employer firsthand, and if your qualms are ignored than is the best time to take further action such as a lawsuit.


Consider whether you have been paid for overtime as well before you take further action. Although you do not want to be used by your employer, it is best to consider all the benefits you may receive from the extra hours you put in, whether it be career progression or extra money paid through an overtime allowance.

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