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Online Shopping: App And Refer A Friend Secrets Revealed

The turkey is eaten and now it’s time to get your shop on. Today is Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming so it’s time to seize the day and the savings. Truth is, even if you don’t make those sales there are amazing ways to save with Online Shopping.

It doesn’t end there, with very little effort you can make money while you are buying. Apps have made this possible like never before. Today I want to tell you about two I really love that are focused on your Online Shopping that will not only save you money but make you a little as well and what’s better than that?




This is my favorite app! I rarely even go to stores since I discovered Online Shopping. I stumbled onto Ebates and I’ve never been sorry. You can add this as a Chrome Extension which makes it even easier. Ebates is a rebate app and here’s how it works:

Put simply Ebates has a lot of popular stores and when you go to the store’s site a button appears telling you of the percentage of cash back you will receive. Say, for instance, you go to Walmart’s website a button might appear for 4% cash back. When you click it, it will redirect you to the app so that your purchases and savings aka cash back are applied.

Refer A Friend

The savings don’t stop since Ebates has a refer a friend program. This basically means you get your friends to sign up for the app which is totally free and they get 10 dollars for signing up and you get cash back as well for the referral. You can sign up for free here–> refer a friend 



Another app which is also a Chrome Extension is Honey. Honey finds coupon codes for you and automatically applies them to your order at checkout. There are also cash bonuses you can get with this app. It will let you know when bonuses are available. Usually, you do have to wait to receive the cash until the refund period has played out.

Making Money With Referral Programs

Referral Programs are amazing. Us bloggers already know what Affiliate Marketing is. We will share products with our readers through links created for us where we receive a small commission when you buy those products. Referral programs are much the same because business knows that many sales happen due to word of mouth. Some sites will offer cash and in many

Referral programs are much the same because business knows that many sales happen due to word of mouth. Some sites will offer cash and in many cases, it can be credit- applied to your account . That can be the same as cash if you already spend money there.


Websites With Referral Programs



You can also save money with sites that will apply a discount to your first order. Madison Reed is one. They sell amazing Haircare products and offer a savings of 15 dollars off your first order. When you refer a friend they get 15 dollars off and you get the savings as well. sign up here–> refer a friend


Walmart has a great service online where you can order your groceries and either pick them up or have them delivered in select areas. You can get 10 dollars off your first order here

Online shopping and the internet has really changed the way we shop and made it easier than ever before. Not only can we get the products we love but we can turn that into savings and cash like never before. Hpw much do you shop online?

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