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The Mindset Of Time Management: Tips That Fit Your Personality

the mindset of time management

the mindset of time management

The Benefits Of Time Management

Maybe you are thinking why do I even need this? I might have agreed with you at one time but the truth is we all need it. Managing our time has so many benefits that up until a year ago I would have just rolled my eyes at. One, managing your time effectively reduces stress. Two, it gives you more time to actually enjoy your life.

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We spend so much time working and doing what we have to do that we just don’t feel the joy. Stress is a part of life there is no escaping that but what if you could simplify your life and actually get things done instead of worrying about what you have to do. It would be worth it, right? That is exactly what happens.

Managing Time Is Not A One Size Fits All

I have been wanting to create a course for Time Management for some time and of course, that involves researching what would benefit most people on the whole. What I found was enlightening, to say the least. There isn’t one formula that works for everyone.

The reason that many people can’t even fathom the idea of time management is because so many of the programs and methods just don’t suit them, their life, their personality.

the mindset of time management

Recently I have been talking with several people who couldn’t be more different and what I found is a huge difference between different personality types and organization. The only way to narrow it down is to look at people who have Introverted and Extroverted aspects to their personality. It isn’t that both personalities can’t be organized, it’s that they achieve it differently.

Extroverts And Introverts

I am an Introvert through and through and we tend to crave structure and plans. A schedule works magically for the Introverted. What I learned from myself is multi-tasking generally doesn’t work, I am a more one task at a time person and that is because of focus. When I start a task I do not stop until its finished whereas a more extroverted person enjoys the noise and variety of a million things at once.

My husband is mostly extroverted and I remember the times we worked together and him saying to me that I had no sense of urgency. Just recently I realized that isn’t the case at all it just that I do one task at a time. All of the extroverts I talked to agreed that they have a hard time sticking to a schedule. A more effective method for them was deadlines.

For instance, knowing that on Friday this and this has to be completed opposed to a set amount of time to complete it. If you tell an extroverted person that they have to finish a project in between 10 am and 12 pm odds are it isn’t going to be done but if you tell them it has to be done by 12 it changes the game. Finding what works for you is essential and possible.

Making The Commitment

The truth is for any personality it boils down to making the commitment. My husband is, of course, my test subject for all things. I got him to agree to commit to a program of time management for one week. You have to decide to try and follow through for a period of time. You may find it works or it doesn’t.

the mindset of time management

The Right Fit

I am definitely a schedule person. I like to keep life on a schedule and because I have no difficulty staying on task, this works for me. My husband, on the other hand, is a different story altogether so we tried a different tack. I created a list just like I did for myself. Listing all the tasks for the day that needed to be completed but on his list, I included the moving parts. This was every part of the task so that he could check off which part he completed and go back later to finish. Phone apps like Wunderlist and Google Assistant were also useful for reminders.

What this accomplished was the task itself got completed that day and he could go back and check where he left off. This method tends to ensure that things don’t fall through the cracks and get forgotten.

How to get into the mindset of time management with useful tips for your specific personality

Managing time is important and improves the quality of your life, It is essential to find what works for you and follow through. I hope this helps you and feel free to tell me what you think.


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As one who needs to get back on a schedule after having a month off to rest and relax,this entry couldn’t have come at a better time.
Speaking for me only,a set routine is best for me,not having to dwell or think on what I should be doing but knowing what has to be done seems to motivate me a lot more,

Ana Rose | Roads and Pages

I absolutely admire this post! Recently, I noticed that there are too many things that I do but I couldn’t not see anything is done. Then I started to reflect what made me lag behind. I realized I need not a time management but a self- management. I love taking down notes of what to do. The problem lies when I am already in front of my computer. I sometimes find myself scrolling facebook notifications endlessly. So, sometimes I just close my facebook just to finish a task.


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