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Make Money Investing Online – Here’s a Simple Guide



If you’ve never opened a brokerage account before, you’ve no doubt want to do so because of the opportunities it provides. Making money is obviously the ultimate idea, but winning isn’t the prime motivator because the thrills and excitement it provides are a driving force as well.


A Simple Guide made Easier with the Right Broker


investing online

When you choose the right broker to help you on your way to making money investing online, the process can be made that much easier, especially with the electronic world and technology. CMC Markets is what you’d call a Best Value Online Broker because they offer a wide range of investment products.


Registered and licensed, you can apply to start investing with confidence with these kinds of brokers and access their full range of award-winning stockbroking platform tools and features. If you’re a new trader, going with a reliable, trustworthy broker will allow you to learn the basics – one who has a 24-hour dedicated customer service line when the markets are open.

First, determine what your invest goals are


  •  the best brokerages act as a middleman between you and investments and they assign you a broker to handle your account. With different ways to contact them, you can chat to the broker who will recommend investments for you.


  • When you activate a new account, you’ll be able to sign into your account as soon as your application has been successful. You will also have had to click on the verification link sent to your registered email address. You won’t however, be able to CFD trade until you have enough funds in your account to open a position.


  • Once you’ve selected one of the leading, reputable brokers for investing online, go to their website to open an account with them. Stipulate the type of account you’re opening and then press on the ‘get started’ button. By completing a very simple online form, with the best online brokers, you’ll get a quick response within a minute or two. The best brokers make signing up for an account very easy, and it’s just a case of following their simple instructions.


investing online

Select the account type that will help you to execute your style of trading.


  • Funding your account – before you look at any broker, make sure that your money will be held in different accounts to the brokers. If they go under, you want to know that all your money is safe and doesn’t go under with the brokerage you chose. Also, make sure they offer demo accounts so you can practice a bit without the risk of losing money.
  • Once you’re confident that you can trade with a live account, you can click on the ‘login button and then click on the ‘live account’ button which will take you to the live account online application form. You simply use your demo account login details and follow the step-by-step instructions to apply for your live account.

    Documentation required for live account – you will be asked to provide –

  • scanned copy or clear photograph of a valid photo driving license with your current address, or a clear copy of valid passport, valid photo driving license, valid national ID card, stamped bank statements, mortgage statement and utility bill. The utility bill and bank statements must be dated within the last 3 months


  • Making a trade – you will need to access the trading platform inside your brokerage account. Once you’re on the trading platform, you’ll need to complete information such as order type, price type etc to complete the trade. Once the brokerage has confirmed your ID, they process your application, open your stockbroking account, and this process will take a matter of 2 to 4 days. You can then begin trading online immediately.


Expertise Required to Invest with Success Online

Investing online can be absolutely thrilling and profitable. However, as a new investor, all the fun and excitement will soon dissipate if you don’t have access to support around the clock from a skilled client management team.

investing online

If you experience any trading- or account difficulties, you want to know that you can quickly get in touch with a brokerage known for their expertise.


Author bio: Stephen Andrews

A content writer on the Blue Anchor team, covering topics relating to money, investing, business and finance. He specializes in online article copywriting and has produced work for countless blogs over his 6 years of writing for the online community. He has a particular interest in psychology and behavior when it comes to people and money and enjoys looking to the past for lessons that can be learned from history.

A easy guide to investing online

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