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How To Be A Productive Blogger And Have More Time

Welcome to part two of the Time Management series. I said in my previous article that Time Is Currency. The truth is without being organized your productivity dips and can cause you to lose time which costs you money. The more time you have, the more money you can make and the balance it creates in your life is priceless.

In this post, we will be covering how to make the most of your time and actually reduce wasted time. I will also be covering how to be an organized blogger.

I may seem really organized to many of you but that wasn’t always the case. When I started I had just relocated to a new state and was unemployed. Blogging began as a way to fill time until I realized the money making potential. However, it is a lot of hustle. I was, for the most part, working 12 hours a day and that was back when I only had one blog.



Working from home may seem like the best thing ever, in many ways that are true and in some ways it isn’t. I found that my well being suffered the way it hadn’t when I worked outside the home. Why? It tends to lose the structure that exists in the workplace. Here are some tips to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Set A Schedule

Decide right from the start what your hours are going to be There is a reason workplaces do this and that’s because we weren’t meant to work around the clock and it’s not healthy.

Take Regular Breaks

Sitting at a desk is hard on your body. You may not feel it but it takes it’s toll on your joints, your eyes, and your hands. I get up every 1-2 hours and walk around the house or even stretch.

Don’t Skip Meals

It seems crazy but at first, I was forgetting to eat. You tend to get so engrossed in what you’re doing, that time just slips away. Take a lunch break, which may involve disconnecting. Sit down somewhere else or even go out. Home workers notoriously spend too much time in the house.

Take A Day Off

This is a must! I believe people who work online and in Blogging typically have this problem. You have to treat yourself to a day offline. Go out and do anything else.


Be A Productive Blogger

There came a time when I was spending most of my waking hours working and just felt completely exhausted and overwhelmed. If blogging was just about writing that would be one thing but the real deal is blogging is writing, marketing, SEO. Today, I run three blogs and two Facebook groups. My Facebook Group for blogging is now secret, if you want to join click here 

The Plan

A plan is essential and for a long time, I didn’t have one. I realized how crazy it was because there is so much out there to help you even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Because blogging is 80% Social Media you need a schedule and a strategy. You don’t need to be a Marketing Pro to figure out a social media plan that works for you.

The first thing I did was I started scheduling posts. Hootsuite and Boardbooster are what I use. I use a free plan with Hootsuite which I connected my Twitter accounts to. You can add all of your posts for the day or week. You can even automate your posts so that they post automatically five times a day.

Boardbooster is free up to 100 pins and basically, does the work for you. You create secret boards and fill them up and Boardbooster will pin for you. There are more features in the paid plans that actually start at 5 dollars a month.In Facebook pages ,you can schedule posts for the entire day.

Scheduling your posts frees up so much time for engaging in Social Media, which is a must if you want people to read your blog. Any work you do online is all about person to person interaction.

Social Media


The first thing you will want to do is figure out through your Analytics where your traffic is coming from. My top sources of traffic are Facebook and Pinterest. While it is important to have a presence on all Social Media, concentrating most of your energy on the top three sources of traffic makes your day easier.



Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a must do for bloggers but there are hundreds and not managing your time can leave you spending your entire day there. When I started, I did this too and it gets out of control fast. There are four types of groups to think about.

  • Dump Groups
  • Social Media Engagement Groups
  • Niche Groups
  • Mastermind Groups

Dump groups are those groups where everybody just leaves posts. Social Media Engagement Groups are great for mandatory share threads on social media. Niche groups are great for getting noticed on your topics. Mastermind Groups are great for learning and helping others.

I tend to spend most of my time in smaller groups that are high in engagement. What I found really helpful is this printable from Brian Manon, It is a spreadsheet of the top Facebook Groups which I use as a schedule for keeping track of threads. Most Facebook Groups run on a schedule. Free Printable You want to spend time in all of the group types without allowing it to take over your life.

Make Use Of Slow Days

There are days that are slow in Social Media. Those days that there isn’t much going on. I have found those days to be Thursdays and Sundays. These are perfect days for writing and tweaking your blog.



Time Management is essential for bloggers because there are so many elements to blogging. Scheduling and making a plan can free up much needed time and create a balanced life. I hope these tips help. How do you stay productive?

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I really need to start scheduling my posts, I find it really difficult to put stuff up at certain times and I usually end up posting things at really odd times. I will have to give these schedulers a go!

Beth @GrannyBeth3

Thanks for the Boardbooster tip!!!!!

Susan Landry

I am not a natural time manager, so blogging has been a learning experience for me in lots of ways. I appreciate the reminders and suggestions you gave… good re-focusers (I don’t think that’s a real word) 🙂 I was just telling someone last night how excited I am for the new year to arrive. I got a planner a month ago that I’m DYING to start using!

Sheila Jo

I forget to eat when I get on a roll with writing work. Then I need to eat when it is nowhere near a normal mealtime. Throws me off for the whole day!


Great tips! As a new (but serious) blogger, I find this especially helpful! 🙂

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