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The Art Of Gift Giving Without Breaking The Bank

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Gift Giving On A Budget

There is always a month in the year where every event known to man seems to fall. You might have two birthdays, a christening, your second cousin’s wedding and an engagement party happening all within four or five weeks of one another. Unfortunately, while these months are a rare occurrence, they can be extortionately expensive times. What can you do to limit the hit on your finances? Take a look at this guide to giving top quality gifts on a shoestring budget.

Head To The Sales

Gone are the days of bank holiday sales being the only time that you can grab a bargain on the high street. Keep an eye out online and when you spot a promotion, venture down to the store and purchase your gifts. You’ll be saving money without forfeiting on quality. By locating department store sales that have many product lines, you’ll be able to buy in bulk, so you have the perfect gift for each event that is taking place that month.

Keep an eye out for online promotions

The great thing about the Internet is its seemingly generous nature. By venturing onto voucher sites and signing up for their promotional emails, you’ll be able to access exclusive deals that can see you getting lucrative discounts on gifts as well as free delivery.

A key aspect to online retailers is convenience. Shopping from the comfort of your own home saves on transport costs and means you can get on with more important things like sourcing a different outfit for each event.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Sometimes there is no better gift to give than one that you have lovingly created yourself. Instead of purchasing a gift for your dad’s significant birthday ending in a zero, why not try and make a picture frame to adorn the painting you made him when you were ten years old.

If you are planning on buying gifts for your kid’s playmates, get your little darlings to get crafty and make some birthday cards. Everyone understands that gift giving can become a little tiresome on occasion and will appreciate the homemade approach.

The Art Of Gift Giving Without Breaking The Bank


Suggest A New Gift Giving Strategy

The chances are that you won’t be the only one feeling the pinch so why not suggest a gift budget cap? This could be set so that everyone is comfortable with the spending, allowing those whose birthday, christening, wedding or engagement you are celebrating to receive the gift that they deserve. By being so frugal, you’ll be forced to think about the gift you are giving a lot more often resulting in a more thoughtful present.

The art of gift giving can be perilous even at the best of times. You may not have a clue what to buy the lucky individual, you don’t know if the hobby they were obsessed with three years ago is still relevant now and you don’t want to buy them something that they already have. By employing the strategies described, you’ll ensure that you can give a worthwhile gift without having to break the bank.


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