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Frugal Living Tips For Single Parents

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Frugal Living For Single Parents Made Simple

Life is getting ever more expensive. And when you’re on your single parents with the kids, every year seems to demand more and more frugality. Children grow out of their clothes and their shoes. As they learn new skills, their needs for toys, books, and enrichment activities also puts additional financial pressure on you. And the bigger they get, the more food they eat! Are you up for the challenges of frugality?


Batch cooking saves you time as well as energy costs from cooking. It requires the same amount of time and heat to cook eight portions as it does to make four. Freeze the ones you don’t need and pop in the microwave for another family meal in minutes later in the week. Buying in bulk is tempting at the grocery store.

However, if that food is wasted, you’re throwing your money in the bin. Buying frozen food means you can cook just what you need. It is often fresher too. Best of all, you get much more for your money, and save a lot of time preparing your vegetables!


Rents continue to rise, even though salaries might not be. There are several options here. You can choose to move to a neighborhood that is cheaper. You might pick a property that is smaller. Or you might opt for a single mom house share so you can divide the cost of housing with another family just like yours.


It means you have more kids around, but you also have another parent around. This can be beneficial in many different ways, particularly when it comes to childcare. It might enable both of you to work more hours too. The cost of electricity might not increase much, but when you split the cost, you’ll find it is cheaper for you.

Debts First Then Savings

Cutting back on your holiday spending means you can put more of your cash toward clearing your debts. This is important when you consider your family’s financial future. Having cash in the bank is nice for taking the kids out or indulging a little. But living debt free as single parents might be more important in the long term.

Once you’ve cleared what you owe, it’s important to live within your means. Only then will you be able to budget appropriately so you can start to put away savings. The future is unwritten, but imagine what it might be like if you’ve got some cash in the bank to pay for vacations or college.


You might sell your car or exchange it for a cheaper-to-run model. Perhaps you can live without a car altogether? Walking, public transport and cycling offer significant lifestyle changes that can benefit your health. No more parking charges or getting gas in the rain! Most importantly, you won’t have to make any more finance payments.

There are so many different ways to live frugally as single parents. You might go all-in, or just find one or two key ways to cut your spend. It’s never easy when you’re on your own with the kids, but frugality can help stretch your dollar a little further.


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