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Best Ways To Have A Frugal Living Home

Frugal Living Home Tips

Frugal living isn’t just about living within your means. It certainly doesn’t demand that you go without. On the contrary, you may find that a frugal living home requires a few changes to achieve a lower cost of living and more savings. There are times when that is best accomplished by making smart investments in your home and lifestyle. Yes, it really does take money to save money sometimes. So where should you be focusing your spending right now?



Appliances And Lighting


Your everyday household appliances are convenient and labor-saving. In fact, some, like the refrigerator or the oven are essential to us. We couldn’t do without them! Still, they’re energy hungry little fellas. And they don’t last forever. Next time you need to replace a gadget or gizmo, consider researching replacement products with a better energy efficiency rating. This means they cost less to run.

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You can do the same with replacement light bulbs. LEDs are thought to be the most energy efficient. They usually cost less than 11 watts per hour to use. The light is brighter, and the focus is clearer. Best of all, they claim to last for decades!


Sustainable Frugal Living


This is a buzz term we’ve heard more and more. It refers to finding ways to live without a heavy reliance on unsustainable energy sources. This can include upcycling or reuse your old things instead of throwing them away and buying new. You might seek ways to feed your family or power your home without relying on energy-hungry manufacturing or coal burning power stations.

frugal living home


Solar panels will provide power to your home for free. Sounds simple? When you order your solar installation, you might be eligible for government-sponsored financial incentives. In some cases, you can sell your unused energy that your panels generated too. When the sun is shining, you might be generating enough power to cook your mean, run the dishwasher, or vacuum your home. You might reduce the cost of running the air con too!


Weather Protection


If you live in a climate that throws cold weather your way in winter, chances are your power bill for heating becomes quite high. Protecting your home from the weather is easier than you think. You want to keep all that heat you paid for in the house so you can reduce how often you need to turn it on.


To do this, you need to find out where it is escaping from. Usually, the roof is the biggest culprit. You can install extra layers of insulation there. Insulation can be injected into the wall cavity too. Sometimes this can be expensive so weigh up the pros and cons before taking a loan or other finance option. As for your windows? Repair broken seals, and try a heavier insulation lined drape during the winter months.


When it is summer, invest in Venetian blinds or shutters to keep the heat out. This will reduce your reliance on air con enormously. You can also install a lockable screen door to allow air in and unwanted guests out.


Your home might even increase in value if you continue to invest in it. Ultimately, you’re looking for ways to stay comfortable in your home without spending more than is absolutely essential. Which of these investment ideas will you use? Doesn’t it just make good sense to start utilizing these winning frugal living home tips? How do you enjoy frugal living?





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