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Your First Job? Take Care Of These Items During Your First Few Weeks

first job

first jobfirst job

Your First Job: A Guide For Success

Starting a first job can be an exciting and terrifying experience. No matter if you’ve just come back from college, or are beginning your first job at the age of sixteen around school hours, everyone has those first-work shudders before their first day. How should you act? What if you mess up? How can you communicate well in a public seeking role?



Ultimately, this effort will help you become more independent, more social and gain valuable skills you’ll be using the rest of your life, no matter how your main career path proceeds. There’s no doubt a very large discrepancy between the first few weeks of your job and how you believe they’re going to proceed.


With your lack of experience, this is only natural. Make sure that you take care of these following items though to help facilitate your first foray into the working world much easier.


Make Note Of Your Hours


It’s easy to miscalculate your hours, especially if you’re tired from school or you’ve taken on weekend work. If the venue you’re working at is especially busy, you might be so tired out from a daily shift that you forget to note your working hours down, and instead, leave that up to your employer. It’s good form to get into the habit of noting your hours now, however. Use an hourly paycheck calculator to make it even easier for yourself to do so.


This is exceedingly important. Employers make mistakes, and they don’t have to be malicious to incorrectly note your hours on the system and end up shortchanging you. Be sure you match up what you’ve been paid to your hourly rate x hours works every time you receive a paycheck.

If there are problems for weeks running, approach your boss about it. If they dismiss your complaint without getting to the bottom of it, leave the job. Sometimes an employer might try and take risks because they know they’re going out on a limb to hire you despite your inexperience. This is a plainly wrong attitude. No matter how experienced you are, you deserve a fair wage and to have your tax contributions taken care of. Be sure to keep your ear to the ground, and ask someone you trust if you’re unsure that things are adding up correctly.

first job


Dress Smart


You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you’re likely to have a professional outlook on things. You have a professional outlook on things, and your interaction with the public will be much more positive than you could have initially expected. Dressing smart will help you look like you belong. If the dress code is ‘smart casual,’ dress smarter than you think you should. This will help you stand out among your colleagues, and as a result, increase their respect for you and the authority of which you speak.


Appropriate Footwear


During your first job, it’s likely you’re going to be on your feet often. If you work in the retail, hospitality or similar industries, you can expect to be on your feet for a good ten hours each time, depending on the laws for your working age in your area. No matter how long you work for, comfortable footwear is a must. You need to be as comfortable in them seven hours in as you were when you first placed them on your feet. This will help you keep your general positive attitude, and help you maneuver effectively and safely.


On top of the points listed above, be sure to treat your employer and your place of work with respect, and learn from your mistakes. You’re likely to leave the place of work with a sense of imbued responsibility, and with many friendly contacts if you do.

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