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Fabulous Reasons Finding Your Passion Can Boost Your Income

Fabulous Reasons Finding Your Passion Can Boost Your Income

Love What You Do And You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life

The Many Benefits Of Finding Your Passion

Do you love your job? I bet more than a few of you will answer “Hell No!” Let me tell you I have been there. One of the things I always pined for was work passion and so there’s no confusion I mean loving my work. Unfortunately, my mindset always got lost in bills and the hows of it.

When my kids were small putting food on the table was my main motivation and so I did what I had to I never thought that I might actually be costing myself money. Going to college or changing jobs seemed to be too much of a risk. When I found blogging and became passionate about my work and career everything changed and so I felt I had to tell you about it.

I am not saying to become a blogger but what I am saying is that by staying in a job you dread or tolerate you are actually costing yourself income.

Yes I Make Money Blogging

This is always the big question with bloggers starting out so I thought I would briefly touch on it. I have a policy of not sharing my income. We have all seen those “Income Report Posts”. I do get why people write them but I am old school in not telling people what I make. I am not getting rich but I do make close to 2k a month.

I am told this is amazing for my first year and all I know is I had to find a way to make money at this or I would be broke and job hunting which being an over 40 woman is difficult in today’s job market. I make a majority of my money in sponsored work and Adsense. Aside from that I constantly search for any possible way to make extra cash online.

Many of you are probably asking how I make money with Adsense. Well for me it was a good option because there are several ways you make money opposed to justĀ a commission on sales. There is a method to this madness and to avoid a long tutorial that will put you to sleep check out the helpful post below.


It’s really not rocket science that work passion will make you happy but maybe you don’t really fully understand the benefits and how it will make you more money, well I’m here for you:

Get More Done

Productivity is the name of the game! I have always strived to do the best job possible at anything I’ve done as I’m sure we all do but the truth is and maybe you can relate when you’re doing a job you have no passion for you pretty much as watching the clock. You do what is required of you and get the hell out.

Having a career I love, the hours fly by and before I know it, ten hours have gone by.I work nonstop and go above and beyond what is required with energy. When you are fully invested in what you are doing, you get more done.

Improves Your Relationships

Does the question how was your day make you cringe and send you into an epic rant? I heard that! I would complain for who knows how long and need 30 minutes to decompress. That doesn’t happen now. I talk about my work with joy and excitement which only enhances my relationships because lets be honest nobody wants to hear it and negativity rubs off on everything.



Happy Is Healthy

Do you have any idea how many stress-related illnesses there are? I could go on for hours about it. Happiness improves your health in so many ways. This ultimately makes you money because it saves you money. If you aren’t constantly stressed out it could mean less visits to the doctor. Less medication and a sense of overall well being.

How finding your work passion can boost your income

How Do I Find My Passion?

This was always a problem for me. I plainly didn’t know what I wanted to do. I couldn’t see the point in changing jobs or going to school if I had no direction. Wrong! A wise person once told me you gotta try everything and eventually you will fall into what is meant for you.

I thought this was crazy but thats exactly what happened. I started blogging because I was unemployed and bored. So try everything. Take jobs you’ve never done before. Take online classes and learn something new!

Risk, Reward, And Sacrifice

Finally, understand that you have to take chances. I know you’re thinking you can’t take this kind of chance but if you don’t you will never reap the rewards. You may never do it if you keep filling your mind with the what ifs instead of the I can.

This involves sacrifice there is no way around it. You may have to sacrifice and do things you don’t want to and so keeping the big picture firm in your mind’s eye is important.

Finding your passion isn’t easy, work passion is hard to come by. The benefits are endless. Take a chance!

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I love the idea of trying everything and then finding what you love. We have to be natural explorers before we find a place to call home;)


Oh yes! If you are HAPPY – you will be more successful in life, that is 100% sure! It puts you in a better mind space so as to focus on what you truly want in life!

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