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I’ll Do It Later! Effective Ways To Procrastinate

How To Procrastinate Better And Get More Done


How often do you procrastinate or put thing off? once in a while? Everyday? Wanna know what happens? *CRICKETS*  Yep you guessed right..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Well, that’s not entirely true, you’ve lost time you can’t get back which means you’ve lost money and opportunities which invite regret and stress. Who needs it?

Am I saying you can’t procrastinate? Not at all but what I am saying is to target it to make it work for you. We all procrastinate that’s a fact. I even do it myself but my procrastinating habits are targeted in such a way that I actually get more done. Read on to find out how to make it work for you.



A Right Time For Everything

Typically those who procrastinate often don’t like schedules, me I like a schedule but no matter which way you lean in your getting it done style it can be worked out. Routine is effective in our lives for so many reasons but most importantly it becomes a habit and then we do it without even thinking.

Choose the times in your day where procrastinating would make the most sense. Of course, lunchtime and night-time would be the times we would normally think but the truth is picking say an hour right in the middle of your day say 2 pm to 3 pm where you just do nothing, scroll facebook etc really helps break up the day.

Whatever time it is, make it a time that isn’t busy and doesn’t interfere with anything.



Procrastinators tend to be those personalities who work best with deadlines. They always know when something is due. To them getting distracted is just part of who they are and what does it matter if they get it done in time? Here is why. You then have way more on your plate and less time to do it. Change the deadline. Create personal deadlines for yourself for better time management.

A Little Bit At A Time

When you procrastinate what ultimately ends up happening is you have way too much to do and a short window to do it. We tend to procrastinate because we just don’t feel like doing it or it’s just too much right? Try breaking it up in parts. Keep a checklist of every part of what you have to do and do a little at a time, keeping track of all you’ve done. Getting it all done at once rarely works and creates lots of stress and pressure.


Remind Me

Another dilemma can be forgetting. All of those projects you start and really never finish is because procrastinating makes you forget all too easily and while that’s the point it can also land us in a world of trouble. Set reminders for yourself whether it’s an alarm or notification on your phone or an old fashioned post- it note. Whatever works

Change Your Lifestyle

Know what else causes us to procrastinate? Brain fog! Check how your living. Are you hitting that snooze button one time too many? Getting up even a half hour earlier can make a huge difference in your day.

As hard as it is to focus in the morning you need that regrouping time before you start your day! Look if anyone talks to me before I’ve been awake and caffeinated for at least 30 minutes I can’t make any guarantees to their safety! It is the perfect time to gather your thoughts and plan your focus.

Eat better and Exercise! Yes, I said it. As much as I wanna eat that lemon cake when I get up I force myself to eat something healthy. You might not want to believe it but what you eat can directly affect brain function and productivity.

how to procrastinate effectively time management tips

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How to procrastinate and get more done, time management tips

We all procrastinate, some more than others but for all of us there is a way to target it so we get more done. Remember time management can not only boost your work life but give you more balance to live a happier life!

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This is super helpful! I am currently procrastinating reading chapters for a test next Wednesday and doing 2 big assignments due Sunday at midnight. This has inspired me to get on it a little at a time. I


Good article, I’m not really a procrastinator but I do forget things I must do. I used to make lists on post-it notes for the next day. But I fell out of habit and I need to get back to doing that. I did make a recent goal to complete a 5-year plan before Sunday so I’m on target for that. As a blogger who doesn’t have staff there is just so much to do hence possibly forgetting a few things here and there.


All of this is so helpful to think about. I know mornings are the times I’m most productive, yet I do mindless tasks in the morning just to cross them off my to-do list. I should start doing the more difficult things in the AM!


I am a terrible procrastinator these days,I find myself unfocused and listless. I don’t know if its because I know I have a expiration date next year or if I am just aimlessly lost. I know if I can just write more it does help a little….

Tayler Morrell

I love how you take a positive spin on “procrastinating!”


Very nice post. It’s so much easier to procrastinate, but then I feel so guilty that it’s more difficult to get the work done in the end.

Angela Noel
I love the idea of scheduling procrastination. I do work best with a deadline but it feels delightful to spend an hour or more just doodling or mentally wandering around. It fuels creativity and productivity when the brain isn’t so focused on a to-do list. The key, I think, isn’t to put every low-priority item on the back burner until forever, but to slot things in as they make sense. For example, I need to take an old sink and vanity to the dump. It’s not a task I relish, but it still needs doing. While I put aside cleaning… Read more »
Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

All true, all good advice, and all things this champion procrastinator knows. But I have to be honest and admit that I don’t adhere to all of them, so this is a fine reminder for me today. Thanks!

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