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It sounds like a pipe dream doesn’t it? But is there a way to make money without any effort at all. Well…there might be if you understand how to make money online. There are various ways to make money without actually working online, and we’re going to explore these, looking at the risks involved, the chances you’ll be taking and the potential for winning big. Some of these will take no time at all and others will require a little effort on your part. So, let’s start with an easy one.

Buying Domains

Buying domains used to be and to a certain extent, still is, a great way to make money online. How does this work? Essentially, you pick a few names that you think could be quite attractive for business owners like purplepanda.com and hold onto them until someone comes along who wants that domain name for their company.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues here to consider. First, you might think it’s a great idea to buy domains that you know existing businesses are going to want one day, such as Harrypotterandthecursedchildmovie.com.

Interestingly, if you type this in it actually redirects to the play site, suggesting someone already owns it, probably WB. Still, even if they didn’t, you would probably have difficulty selling it to them when they needed it. They would claim the domain technically should already belong to them because it’s related to their product.

Instead, you need to look at domains that aren’t quite as obvious, buy them up and wait. Patience is a virtue here and it could take years for someone to come along willing to spend a fortune on your domain. But once they do they may make you rich.


What’s an ICO? It’s investment in cryptocurrency, and they can be very profitable. You can learn more by researching ICOs related to bitcoins online. Essentially, you’ll be investing in a startup before it hits the market, buying what are basically digital stocks in the company. You can then sell the cryptocurrency shares that you have in that project when it becomes valuable.

The profit potential here is tremendous. It is also completely unregulated by the government which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you accidentally invest in a scam, you will have no legal protection, but it also means there are no caps on levels of profits. It won’t take much effort either. Once you find the project, you want to invest in, buy up the Bitcoin and wait.

easy investing



We’ve talked about two easy investing methods that require patience. But what about an investment that can lead to instant profits that still doesn’t take that much effort. You’ll need to stay on your computer and keep a check on the numbers to invest in forex, making the right choices of when to sell and when to buy. This is the investment of currency, determining when the currency will rise and fall to get the best gains. The good thing about this investment is that you can put in as much or as little as you like.


You see there are ways to make money online without the effort of working for it. Some of these easy investing methods are indeed effortless.


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