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Earn extra moolah with online odd jobs

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Online Odd Jobs To Put A Little Extra In Your Pockets Every Month

Hello Savers and Hustlers! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on the blog. I’ve been busy revamping the blog to make your time here even more awesome. Us bloggers know all about the hustle, we do a zillion jobs big and small. I thought it was high time I share a few ways to make a little extra.

The truth is people have been doing “Odd Jobs” since the beginning of time and it’s a great way to give your finances that wee boost or allow you that little bit to enjoy life more. Let’s get started..

how to make a little extra with online odd jobs

How Bloggers Do It

It is possible to make money blogging! I have done and tried many different ways of making money with my blogs. The most common ways I have seen to make money with a blog are Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, and Reviews. Though many bloggers also sell their own digital products and Ebooks as well. Many believe you can’t really make big money without having a Digital Product.

Affiliate Marketing

The short and sweet of Affiliate marketing is basically you are promoting products for a commission. You can do this in a variety of ways. The most common is ads and links in your posts. You can also promote your affiliate links through your social channels. If you have a Facebook Page for your blog and who doesn’t? You can promote your Affiliate Links with an offer which your fans would see and even offer discounts to sweeten the pot, here is a post about Facebook Offers Here

There are quite a few Affiliate Programs you can join such as Shareasale, Amazon Affiliates, CJ Affiliate, and of course Adsense.  Some companies run their own Affiliate Programs so it’s always best to check out their websites directly first. I like Adsense because they offer a variety of ways to earn money other than just commission.

Here is a brilliant post about Adsense—>How to make $100 a day from Google Adsense

Sponsored Posts And Reviews

Some bloggers have been really successful with Sponsored Posts and Reviews. You are getting paid by brands to talk about and promote their products. Payouts for this can be Money or Free Products and I can’t stress enough how important it is to know the worth. Do your research on market- price for the service you are providing. Here are a few sites where you can find opportunities

Bloggers Helping Bloggers

You could offer services to other bloggers like promotion and even renting space on your blog


earn extra with online odd jobs

There are a few other sidelines utilized by bloggers but anyone with the right experience can do them

The Freelance Of It All

There is a freelance job for everyone! Virtual Assistant work has become uber popular. A Virtual Assistant is your online secretary or assistant.  You can join agencies or branch out on your own. If you have office skills this is an awesome way to earn. You can do any size task you have the time for. VA’s wear many hats which can include anything from answering calls and email to managing Social Media. Two popular sites are Odesk and Elance


How To Line Your Pockets With Extra CashClick To Tweet

Considering Freelance Writing? There are lots of resources out there for freelance writers. If you are looking for short term online odd jobs you might want to check out Upwork but they aren’t the only site. Check out this article about websites that will pay you to write here

Social Media

earn extra cash with online odd jobs

Celebrities get paid oodles of cash to tweet, why shouldn’t we? Advertisers will pay you tweet about their products. Granted, you need to build up your followers. The more followers the more you can make. Izea is a site that offers lots of opportunities with top companies such as Walmart and Ebay. Sign Up Here  Other sites you can find opportunities:

Off The Beaten Path

In our search for ways to make extra cash, we often stumble onto things that may be a little different but always we have to think out of the box at times. So many things changed with the Internet and online odd jobs, especially how we spend and make money. Yard Sales would be one of those things. It is now possible to sell anything online, even your used items. I really love Facebook because everyday they create more ways to be the everything of it all. Facebook has Local Groups where you can start a group or join groups in your area to sell your loved items here’s more about Buy And Sell Groups

Check out this post about selling your clothes online—>


Back in the old days, people traded goods and services. There has been a rise in trading and swapping online. There is very little money involved but it’s less money you have to spend so naturally that’s money in your pocket. You can easily create a network of your own or take a look at the many sites who are trading just about everything you could think of. Here is a short list of sites we like:

How to earn extra cash with online odd jobs

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I hope these ideas help you to make your side money and you find inspiration to seek online odd jobs yourself. Have you tried any of these or have an idea?

how to make a little extra with online odd jobs

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kristin mccarthy

I can not figure this affiliate shit out for the life of me!

GiGi Eats

Where I find the most success with making money = sponsored blog posts. Affiliate marketing – I don’t know how people can make $ off of that, ha! Perhaps it’s because I am not a “pusher” type.


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[…] Earn Extra Moolah With These Online Odd Jobs […]


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