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Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas And Gifts That Don’t Suck

CHEAP GIFTS AND IDEAS for valentines dayHow To Show Your Love Even When You’re Strapped For Cash

I will take this time, to be honest, and say I am not a big Valentine’s Day supporter. I am against the commercialism of it all and became jaded in my retail days. Watching people scramble for those last minute flowers out of obligation just made me feel some kind of way.

It became all about couples and I would witness my single friends feel down about not having someone. The truth is it should just be about love. There are so many ways to show love other than expensive gifts or flowers that die in a few days and who has the money? I know there are tons of things I’d rather spend my money on.

So I scrounged up a few ideas and gifts that are easy on the wallet and personify what the day should really be about.

cheap Valentine's Day Gifts and Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Last

What is more romantic than gazing at the stars? There is something so magical about laying down and watching the stars and that’s why I love the idea of having a star named after me. The Name A Star Gift Box comes with a decorative tin box with a map so that you can find your star and costs less than $20

Name A Star Gift Box


We all have the expectation on Valentine’s day for “Sexy Time”! Nothing says sexy like a massage and I found this whole kit for a couples massage that includes oils and a feather tickler. Sound good? Well it’s not too pricey either at $18

Who doesn’t love movies? It’s a great idea especially if you can’t ship the kids out why not make it a family movie night? A little popcorn and a movie marathon is a great way to just be together. I found so many awesome collections but I found this one because it had really great award winning movies to please everyone.

5 Movie Collection

Those are all gift ideas I loved that are 20 dollars are less but there are other ideas that don’t cost you much of anything at all and those are the best ideas aren’t they?


Even Cheaper Valentine’s Day Ideas

Every Valentine’s Day I make something for my husband. Last year I got a Mason Jar and filled it with candy, I topped it off with folded post-it notes on all the reasons I loved him. My thought was every day he could open one but I guess the suspense was killing him and he opened them all right there.

A Road Trip

Do something spontaneous like a road trip! Just get in the car and drive to a place you haven’t been or maybe even take a train. I love traveling and day trips are so much fun especially if it’s unexpected.

cheap Valentine's Day gifts and ideas

A Love Note

Write a note to your partner detailing how they make you feel and be sure to list all of your best memories with them. What you thought when you met and how they’ve changed your life

Good Deeds

There is nothing more satisfying than being in the service to others. You could spend the day volunteering or even just doing something nice for somebody is showing love. Inviting people over you know will be alone so that they feel less lonely.

You can show your love even on a budget with these cheap Valentine's Day gifts and ideas.

We should all be inspired to show love on Valentine’s Day whether we are in a romantic relationship or not and I hope these cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas ensure a fun day of love.


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