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How To Make A Career Change Into The Media Industry

Careers In Media

When you have a huge passion for media, having it as just a hobby isn’t always enough. If you find that your current career path just isn’t cutting it anymore, or you’re just about to start out in the working world, you could think about carving a career in the world of media. Because making a living in the industry that you’re most passionate about doesn’t have to be a dream, it can be a very rewarding reality. Even when you feel like getting a job in your dream industry just isn’t going to happen, it can. You just have to work hard, stay dedicated, and follow these five simple steps.

Discover Your Niche

Before you jump the gun and start thinking about sending out job applications, you have to be able to think about some very important principles first. One of these is the niche that you’d like to start out in. Because working in media isn’t always just enough. You have to know what industry or niche you want to specialize in. If you want to work in film or TV specifically, then you might want to pick out a specialist genre that you can target your interests towards. This step should help you to narrow down your focus.

Practice Your Skills

From here, you then need to think about getting your knowledge and experience up to scratch. Even if you’ve worked in the retail or hospitalities most of your life, you can still show your willingness and suitability for a role in media with the skills that you have. This just means that you have to have a side hustle, and be able to hustle hard. If it’s movies you’re interested in, start making your own at home, or writing scripts. If you want to be a writer specifically, start writing on the side to build up your experience. Whatever your aim or interest is, just start something today.

How To Make A Career Out Of Media

Study What You Don’t Know

At this point, if you feel as if there are things that you don’t know, then you’re going to want to think about getting to know them. There’s no shame in studying in the areas that you want to improve in. Whether you look for something such as the School of Digital Media or head to your local college, it’s important to take action. And you’ll also find that your willingness to improve will be favorable in the eyes of your employers.

Make Some Contacts

But at the same time, you need contacts. Creating new professional contacts may seem very hard to you, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to start networking and work on your skills. This is going to be invaluable if you want to break into the media industry as a newbie.

Pave Your Way

And finally, with the knowledge, experience, skills, and contacts in place, you’re then going to want to work on making your way in the media industry. Whether you start a blog to get yourself noticed, bag yourself a dream internship, or start getting work experience at any company you can, you’ll be able to break into the area of media that you’re dying to work for. As long as you know that it’s going to take work.


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