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Bored At Work? Best Career Change Tips Made Easy

career change

career changeIs It Time For A Career Change?

We often come across inspirational articles in magazines that encourage us to shoot for the moon and go after that dream job, but it’s not always easy to make a change. If you have a job that gives you security and a stable income, it can be hard to embrace change  especially career change and muster up the courage to look for something new.

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Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with staying in the same place or doing the same thing for years on end, but this option isn’t for everyone. Here are some surefire signs that it’s time for a new challenge and some tips to help you find the job you want.

Warning signs to look out for


Be honest. When you’re at work, do the hours fly by or do you spend most of your time wishing it was the end of your shift? Boredom seems to make minutes last for hours, and if all you’re doing every day is watching the clock, this is a clear signal that it’s time for something different. You want a job that enthuses and interests you, not something that makes you wish your life away. It’s probably impossible to find a job that maintains your interest and sense of intrigue at all times, but there’s nothing worse than being bored for nine hours every day.


Have you been at the same level for as long as you can remember? Are you eager to progress and climb the ladder, but struggling to find opportunities? There are lots of companies that offer promotions and encourage employees to take the next step, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re at a firm or you work in an industry where the same people have been doing the same job for years, this may suggest that you’ll find it tough to get ahead and think about career change.

If you’re worried about staying on the same rung and you’d like to find yourself in a rippling stream rather than a stagnant pond, ask your boss about the potential to progress. If there aren’t any openings available, consider looking for a new job. You don’t have to change career, but you may find that joining a new company brings new challenges and more responsibility.


How do you feel when the alarm goes off, and it’s time to get up and start your day? It’s normal to feel elated on a Friday afternoon and a little deflated on a Sunday night. However, if you dread the start of every working week and you really don’t enjoy your job, it’s time for a change. The average person spends 37 hours per week at work, and this is far too much time to devote to something you really dislike.

Career dreams

Sometimes, you don’t have to hate a job or encounter problems with your boss or colleagues to know that a job isn’t right for you. Often, we have ambitions, but it’s not always possible to get that dream job straight away. If you have career aspirations and you’re not currently heading in the right direction, taking steps to get that perfect job is always a good idea. You may have to take risks, but if you really want something, it’s worth giving it a shot. The longer you leave a career change, the longer you’ll spend doing a job that doesn’t fully fulfill you.

Extreme stress

Firstly, it’s important to say that stress is very common and almost all employees in any field will suffer from stress at some point in their lives. It’s normal to feel stressed with there’s a deadline approaching or you’ve got an important meeting in the diary. What’s not normal is feeling stressed all the time and being at the point where you feel like you can’t cope. Most of us can handle mild stress, but severe stress can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. If your job is really stressing you out, talk to your boss and see if there are ways of improving the situation.

Finding the right job for you

If you’re stuck in a rut, or you don’t enjoy your job, it may be time to take the next step and try and find a new job. Job hunting isn’t easy, especially in the current climate where competition is fierce. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get that dream job.

Looking in the right place

This may sound obvious, but it’s so important to look for the job you want in the right place. The Internet has made it much easier to find vacancies, and you can tailor your search to find results that suit your preferences. If you’re interested in fashion, visiting pages like may prove useful.

If you have designs on a career in healthcare, register with recruitment agencies that specialize in this area. If you want to work in journalism, subscribe to sites with information about internships and editorial roles. It is possible to find jobs on general websites and in the classified sections of newspapers, but it’s much more effective to pinpoint resources that are aimed at your skill set.

Preparing and perfecting your application

In some cases, there will be hundreds of people competing for the same position, so it’s essential to submit an incredible application. Always remember that the person who is reading your resume hasn’t met you before, so they are judging you solely on the piece of paper in their hands. It takes just a few seconds for them to glance over an application and form an impression, so you have to stand out in the crowd.

Don’t ramble or waffle on your resume. Keep things concise and punchy and make sure all the information you include is relevant to that specific job. Highlight your strengths and show off your skills. If you need advice, online guides and articles like this should come in handy.  

If you get an interview, make sure you’re ready. Read any instructions carefully if you’ve been asked to answer questions or give a presentation. Be confident, ensure that you’re on time, and don’t be afraid to show off your personality as well as your academic and professional credentials.

Are you bored at work or have you been stuck on the same rung of the ladder for as long as you can remember? If you’re considering a new challenge, hopefully, this guide has given you the motivation and inspiration to start looking for a career change you’ll love.

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