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How to Travel Everywhere Cheap! Budget Traveling Made Easy

budget travel

budget traveling

Budget Traveling Made Easy

Travel is an expense that most people just accept without question, and yet for most people is constitutes a huge amount of monthly costs. Whether you drive, get trains or use taxis, you are racking up expenses that could easily be brought down. Read on for the best budget traveling tips

Walking – It’s Free!

There’s nothing better than a freebie and walking is just that. Instead of hopping in the car to go a couple of blocks, stretch your legs and get moving. Walking costs nothing but time and has many other benefits too. For a start, it will loosen you up, improve your mood and give you a chance to lose a bit of weight without even really trying.

You might need to get some better walking shoes – stilettos aren’t going to work here – but there’s no reason that you can’t change at your destination. Plus, if you really get into the habit of walking everywhere, you might consider dropping an expensive gym membership in favour of your daily commute. So, walking isn’t just free – it’s actually saving you even more money!

Use an App

Of course, there are some places that you simply can’t walk to, or perhaps other circumstances like weather or time of day will alter your thinking. In this case, it’s good to have a trick up your sleeve and an app is usually the best kind.

There are all sorts of taxi companies and rideshare apps about but to get the best deals, you should look for offers online. For new users, an Uber promo code is a great way to start using the service at a discounted rate.

Shop Around

Even with the promise of saving a lot of money, most people can’t be convinced to give up their car – it gives you the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you like so it’s completely understandable why you wouldn’t want to give that up! However, your car is a money guzzler and the costs involved are almost constant. From car insurance to fuel refills, parking tickets to fines, there are a lot of ways that you should be saving money on your car.

budget travel


For a start, shop around for the cheapest deal on your car insurance. This is probably the largest yearly or monthly payment you have to make so be sure that you have the best deal for you. Then, you should also make sure that you avoid incurring any fines. It’s all too easy to speed when you are late for a meeting and behind the wheel, but for your wallet’s sake, you need to make sure that your driving is top notch for you to keep it cheap.


Travelling is a part of life but it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Make the most of public services like trains and buses where you can, find a cheaper car park and walk a little further, and you will soon see that your savings are bolstered by your efforts. And if that isn’t enough, the cheapest ways of budget traveling are also the healthiest and the most environmentally friendly too!  

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