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Budget Friendly Ways To Live In Luxury

Luxury Staples That Won’t Break The Bank

There’s a lot of good ideas on how to save money, but many of these involve cutting out the luxuries of life, the things that can make life feel extra special. The truth is, however, that you don’t have to choose between living the good life and having some more cash in the bank. You can have the staples of a luxury life, even if you are on a budget. Here’s how.

Small Upgrades

People tend to get bogged down with the big factors in life when really it’s the small details that make us feel happy and content. In this regard, luxuries are within easy reach, no matter how plush your bank balance is. It’s related to your mindset, not what’s in your wallet!

Instead of drinking instant coffee, buy a french press and enjoy fresh coffee each morning. Instead of overworking your oven, buy fresh produce from your local farmer (it’s cheaper than supermarket prices) and learn how to cook a few simple meals. You’ll be eating in luxury, and won’t feel any effects on your bank account!

Hit the Garage Sale

In the home, many of us scrimp and save on our furniture and fixtures by either not replacing them when they’re beginning to show their age, or hitting the cheapest stores to buy mass produced goods. But if we said that you could buy unique, high-quality goods without breaking the bank?

You can: it’s called hitting the garage sales and second-hand antique markets. You won’t find items that are dirt cheap, but they will be affordable and will allow you to bring a touch of luxury to your home. You’ll have a home that’ll be the envy of your friends, who will wonder how you’re able to buy such luxurious goods.

Other Ways to Buy

It doesn’t take a big bank balance to have the staples of luxury in your life: you just need to know how to buy them. If you’re banking on walking into a high-end store and buying whatever you fancy, then you’re going to end up in financial difficulties pretty quickly.

Instead, look at other ways to buy. If you want to replace your car, don’t go to a showroom: look for auctions, and you might just get a great deal on a car you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. When it comes to topping up your wardrobe, look for used or out of season clothes. Quality clothing lasts for years, so no one will be able to tell that the clothes have been worn before/aren’t at the cutting edge of fashion.

Alternate Travel

You won’t be flying around the world in a private plane, but then again, few people are. But you can still have luxurious traveling experiences if you tap into the resources available to you. You can spend nights in a 5-star hotel if you’re willing to travel out of season, and don’t forget to visit friends if they live in a glamorous destination that you otherwise couldn’t afford to visit.

With a bit of thought and planning, you too can get a taste of luxury, but without the cost of luxury.

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These are good tips! We buy a lot from garage sales, online too. I have purchased many quality clothes at a local boutique resale shop.

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