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Unusual Money Making Micro Jobs For Bloggers To Fatten Their Wallets

blogger micro jobs

blogger micro jobs

Wanna Make Money? Try Blogger Micro Jobs For Quick & Easy Cash

Are you making money blogging? There is always tons of information out there showing bloggers how to monetize so I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Blogging is a hustle. Especially in the beginning, it won’t be one thing that makes your money. You have to do a million little things. Those in business already know it is never wise to have only one stream of revenue. Blogging is no different, there are many ways to make money and at times you really have to get creative and that’s where blogger micro jobs can help.

One thing I have learned being a blogger and really in life is you have to at times create your opportunities. I learned this right from the get go. Jobs just aren’t always a plenty. The other thing is time. We don’t all have time for long term jobs and still keep our blogs flowing.

So read on below about micro jobs for bloggers. A micro job is one that doesn’t require much time or effort but still brings in the money. Some of these I’ve seen others offering and some just seemed like brilliant ideas to me. There are so many ways we can help our fellow bloggers and make a little cash.

Social Media

We all know by now about Social Media Managers. There are many bloggers out there like me who are either managing multiple sites or just plain don’t have the time to do it all. Most Social Media Managers or Virtual Assistants do it all, manage all accounts and that is a big full-time endeavor. Why not offer smaller tasks.


blogger micro jobs

Before I started blogging I managed a Facebook Page for a restaurant/market. The truth is engagement drives traffic and sales so maybe you offer something specialized. If you have a good social reach you can share posts for others. I know what your thinking, we can get this for free. The current truth is that these share threads, especially in Facebook, are often not totally honest. If you are paying someone to do it you can pretty much rest assured it’s getting done.Offer a package of how many shares you will deliver.


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The more people see engagement on Facebook pages, in particular, the more interested they become. It suggests that your content is interesting. Offer engagement in the form of so many comments to a page. I found that once I started getting customers to talk and showed them I was interested, the more they felt a personal connection to the business.


I will be totally honest here, one part of blogging that annoys me is making images, especially branded images and Pinterest images. Whether you are a Graphic Designer or just someone who has a talent for it. Sell packages of images. Maybe you even offer to do the text for them.

How to make extra cash as a blogger with blogger micro jobs


Do like the advertisers. Offer space as an ad for bloggers to display their site. If you have a decent following and traffic this could be a win for someone looking to get seen. I have seen others do this with success. You can also rent space on your blog to advertisers instead of relying on clicks and traffic.

Blog Sitting

It’s getting to be summer and that’s when people go on vacation. The downside to that is when you aren’t active on your blog it can really hurt. Offer services to monitor someone’s blog. All kinds of things can happen, your site can go down, issues happen. Putting someone else in charge ensures issues and comments get addressed and you can just have a great time.

This can make some wary to give access. Never fear you can limit a user’s access to your site. Check out this post to find out more HERE


There are so many blogger micro jobs options as a freelance writer with sites like Up work you can find limited writing gigs but why go through a middleman? Offer blog articles for a fee.


I can tell you for certain it can be difficult to get quality comments. A comment done right can add value to a post. Why not sell comment packages. Sites like pay per post will pay literally change for this blogger micro job and you can offer it directly.

Basically, this is taking tasks that Virtual Assistants get paid for and breaking them down into short blogger micro jobs that don’t take much time and allow you to add multiple streams of income. We can all use a little padding in our wallets!


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Thanks for these tips on how a blogger can earn additional income.

Caren Gittleman

Hook me up!! lol!! Seriously, these are great ideas and I am going to look into them.

Thivy Michelle

These are awesome tips Heidi for bloggers to make extra money on the side. It’s already a struggle to try to become a full-time blogger so I’m sure many other bloggers will find this post useful 🙂

Thivy Michelle


I’m with them ^^, Hook me up too!! Lol, but on the serious side, this is truly great information. I would LOVE to go full time with my blog, but I’m not actually selling anything on it, so I don’t see that happening anytime soon 😜 However these would be great things for me to try!! Thanks for inspiring me!!!


Heidi, this is such a good post. Diversifying your income is realistic advice. You can’t expect it all to come from one place online. The hustle is real that’s for sure. If you’re not the tenacious type I tend to tell people to give it up.

Mary Burris

Great tips on making additional monies. I’ve always been a bit curious about helping someone else out as a VA, but it seems my day is full from doing my own work. I should strategize better.

Shakirah Iman

I could blog sit, I would love to be good at the branding images but I don’t think I am LOL. To be honest I have not even though about a few of these as jobs to do or even hire someone for.


These are fantastic ideas! I need to start figuring out how to make a little extra money now that we’ve sold our house and bought a larger one. These give me some great ideas!


I love all the tips.I will look into the writing or social media manager micro job- hopefully it won’t be so hectic. I feel since one is a blogger, one has a platform to advertise oneself already ; Yaay.

John Mulindi

Wow very good tips to make a side hustle from. Thanks for sharing.

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