Moving On: Best Tips To Sell Your House Quickly


houseDo You Need To Sell Your House Quickly? Here Are The Best Tips

Whether you need to sell your house quickly because you’re moving for a job, you need money quickly, or you’re just looking to downsize, you’ll soon learn that selling your house is an entirely different experience to buying one, particularly if you’re on some kind of deadline. If you want to avoid the frustration of waiting months for the perfect buyer, or settling for a lower price because you’ve been waiting too long, read the following tips.


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Research The Home Buying Market

Timing is everything, especially when you’re trying to sell a house. Spring and autumn are traditionally good times to sell because the weather and light boost the appeal of your home, and there are no major holidays to distract your buyers. Spring might still be a better option that autumn because families will try and buy a home to coincide with the end of the academic year, but autumn isn’t impossible as long as you don’t overlap with Christmas.


Winter is considered the toughest time to sell because of the major holidays taking up most of the people’s attention, so you’re better off putting your house on the market in the new year.

Get An Experienced Real Estate Agent

The housing market may vary depending on where you live, but you reduce your chances of getting a quick and successful sale if your agent is inexperienced. You’ll want a real estate agent with proven and up-to-date marketing techniques, who can pull in maximum viewings, yet still remain good value for money.


The best way to find out how successful they are is to Google their name and see how many five-star reviews they have from past customers. Experienced real estate agents at Joe Manausa real estate recommend interviewing each agent individually so you get a better feel for their marketing plan.


It’s better not to discuss price until you have decided on a real estate agent because all realtors want your business and they will promise you more money. Better to have a realtor you trust and is better prepared for the job. If the price isn’t what you want, then ask what your other options are.


Prepare for staging

You’re used to being in your house all the time, so you probably don’t see the threadbare carpet, the scratches on the wooden floor, or the faded paint. To sell your house quickly, you’re going to need to fix it up a bit to make it look more appealing. 


Pretend that you’re spring cleaning again if it helps you understand just how clean your house needs to be. Make any necessary home repairs, get rid of clutter, and depersonalize the house so the viewers can imagine making their own memories in this house.


Go Away

You hired a good real estate agent to sell your house, so let them get on with it. Prospective buyers don’t want you hovering around while they nose around your bedroom and try to envisage how they would set up your dining room. Your presence will only make them rush through the viewing.

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