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Avoiding and Dealing With Driving Fines this Holiday Season

How To Avoid Driving Fines This Holiday

As we are all well aware, December is perhaps the busiest and most hectic month of the year. Why? Well, the majority of people around are either rushing about trying to prepare for the season’s festivities to the best of their ability, or alternatively being pushed by employers to work overtime to meet rising demand for goods and services.


It’s busy, busy, busy! So it’s also not all too surprising that this time of year sees more and more people hit by fines. Why? Well, they’re so busy rushing from A to B and trying to get things done under pressure that they forget to abide by the usual rules and regulations that they’d normally be paying a whole lot more attention to. So, here are a few ways to save yourself the extra stress and paying out the extra cash that you could do without at this time of year!

Speeding Tickets

One of the most common fines thrown about at this time of year are speeding tickets. Think about it: many more people are called into work last minute to cover shifts, or forget that they are working earlier hours than usual, so wake up late and find that they have to be in the workplace in a much shorter space of time than they’d originally allowed themselves.

Perhaps at the end of a long and hectic day in the workspace they just really can’t wait to get home, so absentmindedly drive much faster than they are supposed to. Then there are situations where people are rushing to the store to pick up that absolutely “necessary” gift before the manager closes up shop for the night. Whatever the reason behind the speeding, it’s probably common, but it’s definitely not acceptable. The limits are there for a reason and these reasons generally revolve around your own safety and the safety of others around you, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

This is why the law is generally very rigid. The best way to avoid speeding tickets is pretty simple: don’t speed. As soon as you get in your vehicle, give yourself a second of calm and relaxation. Then start driving with a clear mind. If you feel that you have a legitimate reason for having sped, you can always contact a speeding ticket lawyer who will be able to examine your case and give you the best advice possible.

Parking Fines

Perhaps equally as common as the speeding ticket is the parking fine. Again, more are handed out at this time of year than any other. Retail spaces, in particular, are busy and you may find that there are no adequate or correctly marked spaces for you to park in once you reach a row of shops, a shopping complex, or a retail estate.

Unfortunately, this merely means that you’re either going to have to wait or park somewhere a little further afield and walk. Do not at any time use a disabled parking bay or parent and baby parking bay if you are not entitled to use it.

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Following this sage wisdom when it comes to driving during the holiday season can save you a whole lot of money and needless stress. So stick by it at all times.

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