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Working From Home: 3 Awesome Productivity Tips For Success

productivity tips

productivity tips

Productivity Tips That Save You Time For More Success

Working from your dining table or garden shed seems like a dream come true for workers stuck in the 9 to 5 rut with a boss that treats them unfairly and work colleagues that they don’t like.




While it is true that working from home has its advantages, there are drawbacks too and one of those is having to effectively manage your time and increasing productivity. This is something that you have to do yourself. There is no-one watching over you and it is this ‘freedom’ that can be your downfall if you are not careful.

It is easy to lose money when you first work from home and a settlement advance is a good way of stabilizing your finances while you set up a routine and build up a client base. Here are 3 tips to ensure you stay on task, and boost your profits when working from home.

  • Create a separate workspace for yourself


This is psychologically important. You need to create some emotional distance between your home and your work life. When the lines between family and work are blurred it is easy to see hoe productivity falls. There is no commute and there is no formal office environment so perhaps you should create these to get your brain to switch to ‘work mode’ when you have tasks to complete for your business.


Going out for a walk first thing in the morning can help. When you get back in, get straight to work, just as you would in a formal office situation. It also helps if you have a designated office in your house. When you are in there, you are working, and nothing else.


  • Create a timetable


Be very clear about what you have to achieve each week and exactly when you will achieve it. Write it down so you don’t forget about it and stick it up somewhere prominent. This helps to prevent procrastination and helps you to prioritize according to your deadlines.

Make sure that you are working a minimum number of hours a day. If you take the morning off, make it up with some evening work. Alternatively, you may prefer to set a minimum amount of hours per week. This gives you greater flexibility but requires more discipline. Which is the best of the productivity tips because time is money.




  • Set some work boundaries


It is possible to go to the other extreme and take on too much work. Freelance work, in particular, is notorious for being either a feast or a famine. Ironically, if you take on too much work you end up getting less done and being less productive. If you do not take sufficient breaks, you slow down and achieve less per hour.

Learn to say “no” to a lot of things and take some breaks during the day. You must get up and walk around every hour. Get outside for fresh air and exercise and look after your diet. You need to remind friends who call in for a coffee that you have work to do and they will have to come back at another time.

Working from home is great but can also be distracting and interfere with productivity. I hope these productivity tips help you achieve the success you deserve!

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