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10 I’ll Do It Later! Effective Ways To Procrastinate

How To Procrastinate Better And Get More Done   How often do you procrastinate or put thing off? once in a while? Everyday? Wanna know what happens? *CRICKETS*  Yep you guessed right..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Well, that’s not entirely true, you’ve lost time you can’t get back which means you’ve lost money and opportunities which invite regret and […]

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7 Easy Steps To Simplify Your Life

How To Simplify Your Life When did life get so complicated? Do you remember when it happened? We are filled up with the ideas of all the things we are supposed to have in life. The house, the car, the job and before you know it we are overloaded with the things we have and […]

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6 The Mindset Of Time Management: Tips That Fit Your Personality

the mindset of time management

The Benefits Of Time Management Maybe you are thinking why do I even need this? I might have agreed with you at one time but the truth is we all need it. Managing our time has so many benefits that up until a year ago I would have just rolled my eyes at. One, managing […]

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14 Time Management Tips For Beginners

Time Management

Easy Time Management Tips One thing I often hear people say they need is Time Management skills. Since we are all very busy especially if we have young children and are working the idea of managing our time effectively seems impossible and stressful. I am here to help you! Are you a procrastinator? There is […]

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3 4 Ways Saving Money Improves Your Life That Will Blow Your Mind


Welcome To My Blog! This is my third blog and I couldn’t be more excited, so let me introduce myself. My name is Heidi and if you don’t already know me from social media or my other blogs, I also run a blog for women’s lifestyle and health and wellness. Womanpulse and Live Goodly One thing […]

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