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How To Secure A Property Even If Your Rental History Sucks

How To Secure A Property Even If Your Rental History Sucks

How To Secure A Property Even If Your Rental History Sucks

How To Find A Rental Even When You Gave Poor Rental History

Millions of people around the globe rent their properties. It is something especially common in younger people, as the cost of getting onto the property ladder rises. But renting isn’t just something people are forced into due to the price of buying a house. Many of us rent by choice, due to the flexibility it can offer us. Maybe you are not planning on staying in the same location for more than a year or so, or perhaps you want to move around a little while you are not tied to any particular place.



For these reasons and much more, renting can be ideal. But what do you do if your poor rental history is stopping you from securing that next property? You may, for example, have struggled to pay rent on time on your last rental property, which can issue a red flag on your credit score. To protect their rights, many landlords these days ask to see the credit scores of prospective tenants. So, if your’s is less than desirable, it can severely impact your ability to rent in the future. Here are a few ways you can rectify it, and prove to any prospective landlords that you are a good fit for their property.


Check that the credit report is right

Even if your credit report does make for some pretty damning reading, you will need to address it head on to check that it is factually correct. For example, you may have been a victim of a rogue landlord who made unfair claims against you. If this is the case, and either a court or an adjudicator agreed that the landlord was in the wrong, this dispute should be removed from your credit history.


Find a property with a rent you can afford

Okay, so you might have expensive taste. But if your monthly take-home wage is $1500 and your rent alone is $1000, you are clearly going to have a bit of an issue on your hands. Make sure the property you choose is somewhere that enables you to live within your means – even if that means downsizing a little. Of course, you may be wondering ‘where can I find move in specials near me?’. But you would be surprised at how many exist. Look out for one of these deals that offers the first month’s rent free, and even with a questionable credit score, you should be able to prove you can afford to live there.

Write the landlord a letter

When you send in your rental application, consider including a cover letter with it, addressed to the landlord. This is not your chance to wallow or to try and justify any shortcomings you made in previous rentals. Instead, it is your chance to acknowledge the mistakes you made before (thus proving your honesty and good character) and your chance to assure your landlord that your situation has changed, and that money will not be an issue. Writing such a letter might feel a little corny – but if it pays off, it will certainly have been worth it!

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