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11 Summer’s Coming! Fun Staycation Ideas To Fit Every Budget

Staycation Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank The weather’s getting warmer and that makes us antsy to get outta dodge, right? I’m with ya! I have always lived super close to a beach until now so that always makes me want to travel. But the money isn’t always there and neither is the time! Why […]

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4 Frugal Living: Maui Moisture Hair Care Review

Maui Moisture Review

Maui Moisture Hair Products Review: My Honest Opinion Do you have a place where all tried products go to die? My bathroom closet is filled with health and beauty products I have tried and didn’t deliver what they promised but being a follower of frugal living, I can’t bring myself to throw them out. But […]

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Cheap And Fun Ideas Even When You’re Broke

How To Have Fun Even When You’re Strapped For Cash Is your financial situation make you feel down and out? I hear you I have been there lots and lots of times and it can really be depressing. Keeping our spirits up during lean times is difficult because we tend to dwell on what we […]

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2 More Ways To Save Time And Money: Amazon Fresh Review

How To Save More Time And Money Using Amazon Fresh Do you hate grocery shopping as much as I do? Sure you do, it’s time-consuming and tedious. Am I right? When we are finally off work the last thing we want to do is buy food. There is nothing more annoying than the hustle and […]

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Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas And Gifts That Don’t Suck

cheap Valentine's Day Gifts and Ideas

How To Show Your Love Even When You’re Strapped For Cash I will take this time, to be honest, and say I am not a big Valentine’s Day supporter. I am against the commercialism of it all and became jaded in my retail days. Watching people scramble for those last minute flowers out of obligation […]

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Awesome Reasons To Use Lyft For Your Next Ride (promo codes included)

  this post contains referral links A Complete Guide To Making And Saving Money With Lyft Remember when our options were limited to driving, mass transit or taking a taxi? The good news is that is no longer the case. I will be honest in saying I will go out of my way to avoid […]

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9 10 Money Lessons I wish I Learned Long Ago

Money Lessons You Need To Learn Early How often do we say in life, “If I only knew then what I know now?” Probably too often! Money lessons are high up on that list and nobody knows that more than me. See I don’t come to write this blog because I am a financial wizard […]

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13 Online Learning Made Easy (fun and cheap ways to learn this year)

  Online Learning Made Easy: A Guide I remember when I was young I was not exactly¬†focused on what came next, all I knew was I couldn’t wait to get out of school. College was far from my mind and later on I thought it was just out of my reach. Today people are doing […]

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