Your Side-Hustle: Weird Jobs To Make Extra Cash

Weird Jobs For Extra Money What would you do for money? That’s hard to pinpoint right? I know what I wouldn’t do for money. Today’s job market has vastly changed. More than ever people have the entrepreneurial spirit and I think a big part of this thinking is due to the economic changes we have […]

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8 I’ll Do It Later! Effective Ways To Procrastinate

How To Procrastinate Better And Get More Done   How often do you procrastinate or put thing off? once in a while? Everyday? Wanna know what happens? *CRICKETS*  Yep you guessed right..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Well, that’s not entirely true, you’ve lost time you can’t get back which means you’ve lost money and opportunities which invite regret and […]

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4 Frugal Living: Maui Moisture Hair Care Review

Maui Moisture Review

Maui Moisture Hair Products Review: My Honest Opinion Do you have a place where all tried products go to die? My bathroom closet is filled with health and beauty products I have tried and didn’t deliver what they promised but being a follower of frugal living, I can’t bring myself to throw them out. But […]

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